Vegetable salads full with vitamins

The best foods for the summer are vegetables, and the fact that they’re highly accessible makes it easier to place fresh salads in your daily menu.

Besides the rich taste that you’ll be able to enjoy if you eat salads regularly, the vegetables in them make the body resistant to the summer UV rays. Regardless of whether you will use one or more vegetables for your salad it is important to know why they are so healthy and useful for your body.

Cucumberideal for detox
Excessive sweating in the summer, causes the body to lose more potassium. Cucumber is the best solution for this problem because it is high in potassium. It is known as the food to eat while on a diet, so it is ideal for people who wish to lose weight. This type of vegetable stimulates excretion of water and other metabolism waste products, so it is smart to include it in the body detoxification process. Silicon and vitamin E found in cucumber peel make the face skin prettier and firmer.

Tomatofood and remedy
The tomato is a well-known body cleanser and diuretic. Its medicinal properties place it among the favorite types of vegetables. It’s high in beta carotene, calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D and K. The tomato prevents anemia, skin problems, cardiovascular diseases, fatigue and exhaustion.

Tomato and cucumber salad
– 2 carrots
– 1 cucumber
– 2 tomatoes
– 1 spoon salt

Directions: Peel, mince and put the tomatoes in a bowl. Take the carrots, peel them, cut them into sticks, and put them in a different bowl. Wash and peel the cucumber. Cut it into rounds and put them yet in another bowl. Place the tomatoes at the middle of a plate. Place the carrot sticks over the tomato, and the cucumbers round the tomato. Add some salt at the end.
Delicious and healthy zucchini
The zucchini are useful because they have plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber. They improve the concentration, reduce the level of cholesterol and remove blood toxins.

Zucchini salad

– 1 kilo zucchini
– 200 ml yogurt
– 2 spoons tahini
– small bulb onion
– dill, sea salt, pepper
– flax seed and sesame powder

Directions: Wash the zucchini and cut them in rounds. Add some salt and leave them for a while to release water. Raw zucchini should be placed in a plate as the previously mentioned tomatoes and cucumbers. Add flax seed and sesame power at the end.  Leave the salad in the fridge for a few hours to cool off. Serve with twice-baked whole wheat bread or rusk.
Don’t forget the green beans

Use the green beans season and prepare a low-calorie, refreshing and a simple salad with a really nice taste.

Sweet and sour dressing green beans


– 2 dl vinegar
– lemon juice
– 30 gr. sugar
– 200 gr. green beans
– 200 gr. zucchini
– 200 gr. peas
– bay leaves, onion and garlic
– olive oil

Directions: Briefly roast the onion and garlic with olive oil. Add 2 dl. vinegar, juice from 1 lemon, 30 gr. sugar and bay leaves. When in all boils down, simmer for 5 more minutes. Cook 200gr. green beans, 200gr. zucchini cut into strips and 200gr. cleaned peas in salty boiling water. Then strain them, put them in the salad, add the salad dressing and serve it.

Cabbage – for homeostasis 
Cabbage provides our body with crucial disease-fighting elements. It’s one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is low-calorie, high in vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, low in sodium and balances potassium and phosphorus.

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