The 5 most common excuses for not exercising

The famous fitness instructor Alfonso Moretti has heard hundreds of different excuses for not exercising in his 13 years of professional fitness coaching experience. That’s why Alfonso made a list of the 5 most common ones, as he says, that make him crazy when he hears them. Can you find yourselves in some of them?

#1: “I don’t have enough time to exercise” – we’ve all heard this, haven’t we?

Funny statement. Every person has the same time intervals during the course of one day. You maybe really  busy, but certainly not too busy to take care of yourself!

We dedicate more time on cleaning and maintaining our cars, houses and other material possesions, than the time spent on personal care.

Where are the priorities? This is based on the fact that the people think the exercising programs are supposed to be spread through several hours or 7 days a week in order to be effective. That is simply not true, three hours a week are enough to conduct effective training that each one of us can benefit from. Who can’t find 3 hours a week?

#2: “I am not fat, I don’t need exercising” – this says a lot about you.

It’s hard to believe that certain people actually believe in this, they have enough self-confidence or to put it better – arrogance to say this out loud, especially to me!

Being thin, or not being fat doesn’t mean that you are healthy and fit. Everyone’s body has a necessity of exercising to maintain and improve the health. Exercising can correct the life style and help the adapting to that „new“ world.

Don’t be naive to believe the thesis that if you are young and you do sports, that you look good or that you don’t need a regular fitness program just because you are skinny. Of course you need one. What you also need is a lesson on social behavior.

#3: “I don’t want to have muscles” – really?

Haha, this is my favorite excuse. I have been trying to achieve a certain muscle mass for 20 years now and every now and then I hear excuses like this.

Let’s be realistic, women love muscled men who will be protector of their family, will protect them and their kids from whatever could harm them. Men want to be strong, dominant, and in no case they want to look soft in front of other people, that is simply not in our DNA. And please tell me again, why don’t you want muscles?

#4: “I take walks every day” – ok, what of it…?

Walking is not an exercise! I have said the same thing for million times. Of course, if the walking is a warm-up, then I admit that it is efficient. Either way, it does not contribute with enough stimulus for a reaction from your body. It sure does burn couple of calories, but it is in no way replacement for an exercise.

First think about how you look like when you walk. You look ridiculous, and you don’t make an effort at all nor you feel any difficulty. And when things go easy something is not right.

#5: “I am tired from work, I take care of my kids” –  ironic, but true.

Exercising increases the dopamin levels in the brain, which improves the mood, provides energy and a sence of relaxation. After exercising you will definitely have the power to endure after-work pace and to entertain your kids.

With a refular fitness program your body will become more efficient, full of energy and you will feel young.

Advice: Don’t be fooling yourselves! You aren’t training for your neighbour, by training you improve your health, your condition and the physical fitness!

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