Do you use an appropriate amount of weight for your weight-lifting workout?

Most of the people give a decisive reply to this question: Yes, I know how much weight I should lift. However, many people go to the gym and use the same weight for same exercises and their body still looks the same. If you are one of those people, then this article will help you to figure out how much weight you should lift in order to achieve your goal.

What is the purpose of your workouts? – This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before starting a fitness program. Not knowing what you want to achieve during your fitness program means that nobody can help you in that. Do you want to get stronger? Would you like to gain more muscle mass? How to improve your vertical leap? Each of these represents different goals in fitness training. Different fitness goals require different fitness program.

Strength Training

Training your muscles more often will be beneficial for your body.

For achieving this goal you should focus yourself on finding out the appropriate weight for lifting with which you would perform 12-15 repetitions that will give you an advantage either in sports, work or any other physical activity . The last 2 repetitions should be challenging.

Muscle Mass

Everyone has their own reason for gaining more muscle mass. Some people do that for physical benefits while others do that for praising themselves while in the front of the mirror. Regardless of your reasons, we would like you to choose the weight that will challenge you even more and you will be able to perform 8 repetitions. This will make sure that you train properly for gaining muscle mass.

Increase Power

For power-increasing you should be explosive and fast in order to make your muscles capable of lifting higher weight in a short period of time. Whatever your goal is, you should choose a weight that is capable of moving fast and under control so that there are no more than 5 repetitions.

That doesn’t have to be your goal for the rest of your life, just in the next few weeks. After you are done with that, you should choose appropriate weights based on the results that you want to achieve.

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