Negative energy affects the health, relationships as well as the prosperity. Negative energy also impairs the harmony of the home.

In today’s article you can read about how to neutralize bad energy, improve the economy and restore the harmony in your home with the help of lemon.

Lemon offers numerous beneficial properties, starting from the health, but it also is used for beauty purposes. Below you can read why lemon is beneficial from the energy point of view.

Namely, lemon has unique aroma that is perfect for the areas in which you spend most time during the day. Lemon is remarkable and efficiently will remove the negative energies from your home. For this purpose you will need few green lemons.

There are many methods in which you can use the neutralizing powers of lemons:

  • The easiest method is to put 3 lemons in different areas in your house. Once the lemons turn black or yellow, you should throw them away and place new ones.
  • Another option is to boil lemon skin in rainwater. Additionally, you can use the lemon as an amulet and on that way it will absorb all the negative waves around you.
  • Take ceramic basket and put 9 lemons in it and then put it on your fridge. For wealth you should put 8 lemons and 1 in the center.
  • While you are at work, put 3 lemons in your purse or on your working desk.
  • You can suppress bad energy by mixing lemon juice and water. Pour the liquid in spraying bottle and then spray the entire house/ apartment. Make sure to spray every corner.
  • For love put 3 lemons in a glass bowl and then put it in the night table.
  • Put one green lemon in your purse, pocket or jacket. Before you go to sleep, get it out and watch it how it becomes dry. After you wake up in the morning, throw it away and take another one.
  • You can get rid of the negative vibes around you. For this purpose you should cut a lemon on 4 parts and then form a cross in the plate. Carefully make a circle of grain or salt around them in the dish and then put it under your bed and let it stay during the night. You should not touch the dish after you wake up in the morning, simply put it in plastic bag and throw it away from your Repeat the same process during 3 consecutive days and you will feel positive vibes around you.

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