Recipe for Frozen Lemons- Make This and You Will Help Your Body To Fight With Malicious Diseases!!

We can say that lemons are superfruit abundant with vitamin C which makes them perfect for treatment of colds and flu.

Flavonoids contained in lemon juice are high in antioxidants, and that is the reason why lemons are incredibly beneficial treatment of numerous ailments and medical conditions.

According to the latest researches, juice from lemons will give you the maximum of its remarkable benefits if you previously freeze the lemons. Continue with reading as below we are going explain you why this method is so effective.

Lemon peel contains many beneficial ingredients. Namely, compounds contained in lemon peel are incredibly powerful and have the ability to improve your immune system, but also can normalize cholesterol levels and even prevent the development of cancer cells.

Experts explain that peels of this citrus fruit possess strong anti-microbial properties, which are proved to be efficient in preventing bacterial and fungal infections. Namely, that is very important in process of removing internal parasites and worms.

It is important to mention that lemons are essential part of any detox method, and many nutritionists advice to prepare lemonade, lemon water or lemon tea.

Health Benefits

There are many studies which have associated consumption of fresh fruits and veggies with substantially decreased risk of numerous lifestyle-related ailments.

Lemon is particularly efficient in:

  • Prevention of cancer
  • Reduces risk of stroke
  • Excellent for treatment of inflammation
  • Great immunity boost
  • Soothes asthma symptoms
  • Powerful liver and kidney cleanses
  • Effective in fight against dangerous bacteria
  • Prevention and treatment of depression and stress

Lemons and Cancer

Majority people use the lemons due to their high vitamin C content, which mostly is concentrated in their juice. Still, according to the latest studies, lemon peels contain great nutrients as well.

Namely, lemon peel showed huge potential in destroying and removing toxic waste from the body. And this actually is the main reason why lemons more and more often are used as treatment of cancer.

Experts explain that there is strong link between lemons and cancer. Studies have discovered that lemon peels help in fight against cancer. Since 1970, more than 20 laboratory tests were done and the extracts have revealed that frozen lemons have the ability to destroy the malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, prostate, breast, lung and pancreas.

It is interesting to mention that there are research studies which have shown that frozen lemons are even more efficient in destroying cancer than chemotherapy. In addition to that, lemons undoubtedly are healthier and safer option than chemo drugs. Namely, the lemon extract destroys cancer cells but leaves the healthy cells intact.

Get the Most from Your Lemons

Did you know that lemon peel contains even five-ten more vitamins than its juice? The nutritionist and expert on women’s health, Dr. Marilyn Glenvill explains that the combination of healthy peels can do wonders for your overall health.

For BBC food Dr. Glenvill said:

“Most of the antioxidants included in fruit are included in the peel or the pith rather than in the pulp”. She also added: “Smoothie is far better than a juice, since you can consume the whole fruit including the peel, and you will not throw away a single nutrient from the fruit.”

Majority people don’t like the citrus fruits mostly due to the bitter taste of the skin. Below we are going to present you a recipe that will provide you the maximum effect from your lemon of course, what is even better, without the bitter flavor.

Freeze your lemons

Thoroughly wash and disinfect the lemons you bought, utilizing organic apple cider vinegar or baking soda. Then, carefully rinse them well with water and pat them dry with clean towel. Then, put the lemons in the refrigerator and let them freeze overnight.

Once the lemons are completely frozen, grate the whole lemon. Next step is to transfer the grated lemons into ice cube trays, and finally store them in the freezer. With this simple procedure you will have frozen hint of citrus fruit, and you can use whenever you need it.

The lemon peel with enhance the taste to your meals. By your choice, you can add a bit of grated lemon peels to salads, soups, pasta sauces yoghurt or homemade ice cream.

Our recommendation is to add 1 tablespoon of grated lemons to your favorite smoothie, juice or even tea. Moreover, you can add lemon peel in baked goods, as well. In fact, there are numerous ways in which you can use grated lemons.

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