Kill Sinus Infection in 20 Seconds With This Simple Method and This Common Household Ingredient!

According to statistics, on average, 37 million Americans experience sinus infection at least once a year.

Sinus infection is medical condition that is manifested with various symptoms, varying from an unbearable headache to a severe fever. Sinusitis is inflammation of the lining walls of the sinuses.

People who are suffering from chronic sinus infection explain that nothing seems to help them to solve this issue. Namely, certain drugs aggravate the underlying problem, while others offer only temporary relief.

Luckily, nature offers us ingredients that will help you to treat this condition and will provide you almost instant relief.

Below we are going to present you two completely natural methods that will help you to relieve the pressure caused by blocked sinuses. We are talking about an amazing trick and unbelievably effective drink that will provide you a sinus congestion relief.

20-Second Trick

First push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. After that, press your thumb right between your eyebrows and hold the pressure for 20 seconds. Once you release the pressure, it will stimulate the wormer bone in your nasal cavity and cause it to vibrate. This specific method will make your sinuses to drain into your nose and throat and provide you some relief. Repeat this technique every hour until you feel relief.

Germ-Busting Drink


  • ½ cup clean drinking water
  • ¼ cup unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • 1 squeezed lemon
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey


First, boil the water. After that, pour it into a mug and add the apple cider vinegar and stir. Place the mixture to a room temperature. Then, add pure honey and cayenne pepper and stir again and add the lemon juice. Stir until you get homogenous potion.

Consume the resulted mixture right after you wake up in the morning on empty stomach and again before you go to sleep. Drink it until you feel improvement.

Benefits of the Ingredients

This completely natural, germ-busting drink is made of incredibly powerful and nutrient-dense ingredients. Namely, lemon offers numerous health benefits, including, reduction of inflammation and immune system boost. Apple cider vinegar will soothe sinus and throat pain thanks to its antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The cayenne thins the mucus and thus helps it drain out. Ginger fights off viruses and bacteria and eliminates the headaches.

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